Today in Crypto: Atomic Wallet Publishes Post-Attack 'Full Event Statement', Binance Brazil Director May be Summoned by Parliament, Ripple Gets In-principle Approval for Singapore Digital Payment License

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4:46 Exodus
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❓ Why Use A Crypto Wallet? ❓

Most crypto newcomers simply deposit their dollars on an exchange, buy crypto and leave it there. But here’s the problem: That exchange essentially has ownership of that cryptocurrency. That’s because they hold the private keys.

That means all you own is an IOU from that crypto exchange. That’s a problem if the exchange exit-scams or is hacked. Yes, that may sound like paranoia but history has shown that these are very real risks faced by crypto holders

The solution? Controlling your own private keys.

1️⃣ Exodus Wallet 1️⃣

This multi-crypto wallet is available on both mobile and desktop. It supports over 100 crypto assets. Exodus’ interface can be summed up in one word: Beautiful.

Another benefit is that Exodus also offers free 24/7 customer support. That’s pretty useful for crypto newbies wanting to ask questions.

Exodus also has an in-built crypto exchange that allows you trade over 100 cryptos. The wallet also offers a host of apps which enable you to earn interest on those crypto assets. Another key feature is that Exodus offers upgradable security via its integration with Trezor.

2️⃣ Trust Wallet 2️⃣

This mobile wallet sports an integrated DApp browser which can be used to interact with any decentralized application – pretty useful for DeFi degens.

The app is also open sourced, which means that the community can check out that code and make sure everything is in order. Trust wallet also supports staking for a few major cryptos too.

But what crypto assets can you store? Well over 160,000 crypto assets are supported and that includes ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens. This means that it’s the perfect wallet to store these NFTs too. Another nifty feature is that you can buy crypto with your card through the wallet too.

3️⃣ Atomic Wallet 3️⃣

This wallet comes with an amazing looking interface and offers both mobile and desktop versions. Those into privacy will be happy about the wallet having no accounts, no verification and no KYC for basic wallet features. All that means that you can use this wallet anonymously.

Atomic also has a built in crypto exchange with 60 crypto pairs. Another key feature is the large number of coins you can stake here.

In terms of coin support, over 300 coins and tokens can be stored.

4️⃣ MetaMask 4️⃣

This wallet can be used as a browser extension on the likes of Google Chrome, Brave Browser and FireFox. It acts like a kind of bridge between web browsers and the Ethereum blockchain.

That means that if you want to store a bunch of coins from different blockchains then this wallet is not for you (supports only ERC20)

However, it is perfect for interacting with all those dapps in the Ethereum ecosystem.

5️⃣ Coinomi 5️⃣

This multi-crypto wallet has both desktop and mobile versions and supports over seventeen hundred different cryptocurrencies. That makes it perfect for anyone dabbling in exotic altcoins.

Another draw is the fact there is no KYC, no IP association, no identity linking, no transaction linking and Conomi’s servers even anonymize your transaction requests by hiding your IP address from would be snoopers.


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Atomic wallet compromised ��������

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The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has been hit with an SEC suit that many saw coming, but the details will be studied closely.

Following the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Binance and its founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the crypto economy experienced a substantial decline of over 5% against the U.S. dollar, reaching a total valuation of $1.13 trillion. Among the leading digital currencies, Binance’s BNB token suffered significant losses, dropping by 9.7% against the dollar in response to the SEC’s allegations.

Responding to the development, Binance sid the following:
“For nearly two and a half years, http://Binance.US has engaged in good faith with the SEC. All along, the objective of our engagement has been consistent: work constructively toward a clear, practical regulatory framework that enables businesses like ours to grow, create jobs, and provide American consumers safe access to digital assets. While we remain open to a productive compromise that protects our customers and their digital assets, with this latest action taken against our business and following similar actions taken against Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, and other market participants, the SEC seeks a near eradication of our industry. Simply put, today’s filing is unjustified by the facts, by the law, or by the Commission’s own precedent. The relief sought by the Commission would harm the very investors the SEC is charged with protecting. It would also stifle innovation and punish our company and industry rather than working to allow American businesses to thrive. We continue to call on Congress to step in and pass bipartisan legislation that creates a workable regulatory regime for digital assets and reins in the bureaucratic overreach of which our industry is the victim. Until then, our country’s role as a leader and innovator will continue to be undermined”
Full response ��

Finally atomic hot wallet has been checked and the following was their official response to issue:

“We have received reports of wallets being compromised. We are doing all we can to investigate and analyse the situation. As we have more information, we will share it accordingly. For any questions and concerns, contact
At the moment less than 1% of our monthly active users have been affected/reported. Last drained transaction was confirmed over 40h ago. Security investigation is ongoing. We report victim addresses to major exchanges & blockchain analytics to trace and block the stolen funds”

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