Kraken Crypto Exchange Cuts 30% of Workforce, Binance CEO Makes Indirect Tweet

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced a major job cut, laying off 30% of its workforce or 1,100 people.

What is Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange? The Safest Crypto Exchange?

What is Kraken Crypto? The Safest Crypto Exchange? What is Kraken? Who founded Kraken? Is Kraken Safe? How to use Kraken? Is Kraken for Beginners? Has Kraken been hacked? What happened to Kraken? How was Kraken Started? Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange that is seen by many to be the safest way to trade crypto. Kraken wants to be the safest and most secure way to trade crypto and in 11 years Kraken cryptocurrency exchange has never been hacked. Founded by Jesse Powell, Kraken Cryptocurrency exchange became well known thanks to Kraken’s relationship with Bloomberg and Mt Gox with Kraken cryptocurrency playing a big role in recovering lost bitcoin. Now Kraken is used by millions to trade over 60 cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currencies across 60 countries around the world. But what is Kraken and how was Kraken founded?

Here’s How It Happened.

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SEC charges Kraken $30M for failure to register one of its offerings

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Daily Crypto News Update for 07-08-2023

Why It May Be Time to Change Your Crypto Exchange… (Kraken Pro Just Launched)

Kraken just launched their brand new Kraken Pro trading platform, and it honestly looks like a game changer. As a long time Kraken user I’m super excited for this as it brings all of Kraken’s benefits to an advanced trading platform that’s perfect for beginners and expert traders alike. I know you may not think you need a new exchange, but I still recommend you give this a watch and you may be surprised on what you’ve been missing out on.

Sign up for Kraken Pro here:

Disclosure: As mentioned in the video and marked on YouTube, this is a sponsored video.

0:00 Intro
0:49 1 – Too Many Platforms
1:41 2 – Clunky Interfaces
2:21 3 – Lagginess
3:06 4 – Scattered Functions
3:36 5 – Low Liquidity
4:21 6 – Questionable Security
5:01 7 – Customer Support
6:06 8 – Asset Discoverability
6:48 9 – Data Offerings
7:31 10 – Order Types
8:22 Final Thoughts

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