Hundred Finance Suffers $7 Million Loss in Optimism Hack – Here's What Happened

Multi-chain lending protocol Hundred Finance has fallen victim to a hacking attack that enabled the theft of about $7 million worth of crypto. Here's the latest.


Macro economist Henrik Zeberg says that Bitcoin (BTC) should skyrocket into the summer as fears of a recession ultimately subside.

According to Zeberg, a “blow-off top” is developing for stocks and crypto, mostly driven by a fall in fixed-income yields.

“Blow-off top developing. Key driver of [the] market rally will be the coming strong decline in yields. Economy in Goldilocks zone. Risk assets will soar into summer.”


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00:00 Trending
01:35 Market Watch
03:07 Bitcoin T.A.
06:37 Coinbase Will Win Lawsuit Against SEC, Predicts Pro-XRP Lawyer
08:38 US Dollar Suffering ‘Stunning Collapse’, Losing Reserve Status
11:16 Memecoins Giving Hints for Crypto Markets
13:36 Bitcoin enthusiast cracks known 12-word seed phrase in minutes
17:16 Bitcoin About To Soar Into ‘Blow-Off Top’ for the Summer
20:06 Live Q &A

Show Notes / News Resources:
✔ Bitcoin Technical Analysis:
✔ Coinbase Will Win Lawsuit Against SEC, Predicts Pro-XRP Lawyer:
✔ US Dollar Suffering ‘Stunning Collapse’, Losing Reserve Status:
✔ Memecoins Giving Hints for Crypto Markets:
✔ Bitcoin enthusiast cracks known 12-word seed phrase in minutes:
✔ Bitcoin About To Soar Into ‘Blow-Off Top’ for the Summer:

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Funds Not SAFU: Binance Suffers Major Exploit Worth 500 Million: How Patience Benefits PulseChain

#BNB #BSC #PulseChain

Today, I’m going to do an emergency livestream discussing what has happened with the Binance exploit and the details that are coming in as a result of this hack! I will also touch on how this precedent of exploits is why patience is such a necessary component of waiting for PulseChain to launch, so this doesn’t happen on PulseChain.

(00:00) Intro

(03:34) Analyzing the BSC Bridge Exploit address.

(5:22) Analyzing the transactions associated with this attack.

(07:04) Where were the assets stolen sent?

(08:00) When did the exploit occur and when did Binance realize what was going on?

(09:38) Analyzing CZ And Binance Tweets.

(12:36) Reddit post, cross-referencing conflicting information.

(14:48) What can we learn about patience surrounding PulseChain launching from this?

(18:00) Taking safety precautions.

(20:42) Checking BSC News Tweets And Articles.

(22:12) Ancilla Tweets.

(23:00) DeFi, a loose term.

(24:28) Token Approvals/Permissions, safety precautions such as revoking approvals. Tether blacklists address. Token Approval Revoke short tutorial.

(29:24) People assuming this exploit was just a “whale.”

(32:01) Reiterating why launching PulseChain perfectly is incumbent!!

(34:08) Cross-Chain interoperability solving the Blockchain Trilemma. How can it?

(36:50) AMA.

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Hundred Finance loses $7 million in Optimism hack

Hundred Finance loses $7 million in Optimism hack

The attacker reportedly manipulated the exchange rate between ERC-20 tokens and hTOKENS to steal over $7 million from the protocol.

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