Bitcoin, Ethereum Fees Move in Opposite Directions as ETH Becomes Inflationary Again

Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees are on the rise for the first time since October as activity on the network has started to pick up. Meanwhile, fees on the Ethereum (ETH) network are moving in the opposite direction, decreasing the burning of ETH tokens as a result, according to a report from crypto analytics provider CryptoCompare.

Is Ethereum Centralized?

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Did you know that Ethereum could become deflationary? #themerge #eth

�� Ethereum on the rise! Is ETH Poised to surpass Bitcoin’s Market Cap? ��

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00:00 Introduction
01:37 Inspiration and Questions re This!
02:56 The Visual 2.3x
04:06 Total Transaction Fees Flippening BTC vs ETH
04:40 Active Addresses/Wk Flippening BTC vs ETH
05:00 Tweets Flippening BTC vs ETH
05:11 Twitter Followers BTC vs ETH
05:50 Total Bitcoin Cumulative Unique Addresses
06:08 Total Ethereum Cumulative Unique Addresses
06:25 DAU BTC vs ETH
06:51 DAU’s Bitcoin vs ETH & ETH L2’s
07:14 DAU’s Bitcoin vs ETH Ecosystem
07:38 Valuing ETH as an Enterprise
09:08 Flipping Market Cap
09:51 Metcalfe’s Law
10:25 Crude Metcalf Applied to BTC and ETH
11:44 Other factors that can affect the value
13:04 Want a Recap of This Presentation?
13:16 BTC & ETH Distance from ATH both 62%
13:58 Avg Transaction Fee BTC vs ETH
14:27 Market Cap/Daily Tx Fees
14:54 Market Cap / Daily Transactions
15:15 Market Cap / DAUs
15:35 Ethereum is Deflationary
16:27 ETH Staking Rewards 6.9%-7.6%
17:14 Conclusion
17:25 Ethereum Advantages over Bitcoin
18:45 Conclusion Notes
19:10 Scorecard Results 4:14
19:46 Scorecard
20:01 Inspiration and Questions re This!
20:29 So Will ETH Flip BTC Market Cap!!! YES
21:01 But There’s More
21:06 What if there was a Chain that did 25x ETH TX?

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